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814 du Mont-Royal E Avenue,
Montréal, QC H2J 1X1

[Métro Mont-Royal, Orange line]

Phone number: 514-526-0968

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Our services in denturology

The different stages of treatment in denturology

  1. Consultation
  2. Dental impression
  3. Test
  4. Wearing of the denture
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The role of your denturist

  • Needs assessment
  • Development of the adapted treatment plan, and choice of the colors and materials
  • Creation of the prosthesis in the laboratory
  • Denturology treatment plan realization
  • Care instructions and information on performance guarantees
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We offer a repair service for all prostheses. You need to contact us to 514-526-0968 to take an appointment, so that our dental technician will evaluate the actions to be taken, the time necessary and the amount of repairs.

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Vos rendez-vous denturologiques

  1. First appointment : Free consultation and start of treatment This first appointment is free, call 514-526-0968
  2. Second appointment : First fitting, measurements, teeth selection
  3. Third appointment : try-in of the wax denture model
  4. Last appointment : Final fitting and insertion
  5. The process is usually completed within 30 days, between 4 and 6 appointments.
  • Quality control To guarantee your level of satisfaction and comfort
  • Duration of realization The realization is of a duration of approximately one month, that is to say five appointments separated by a week
  • Our expertise Expertise focused on professional practice for over 30 years.
  • Materials We offer a wide range of high quality materials, made in Europe and the USA
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